Shiatsu for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Shiatsu is safe and nice to receive throughout pregnancy, the birth process and postnatally. 


Here's why: 

The body goes through many physical, hormonal and emotional changes as a part of maternity.  The Shiatsu experience allows you and your nervous system the chance to integrate and  recognise what you are experiencing on all of these levels. 


Shiatsu also provides time for you with a qualified therapist who is able to make subtle yet profound adjustments to your body, providing relief from some of the physical symptoms that may present themselves as the body responds to the many changes involved in making and carrying a baby.   


Should any previous medical conditions exist or develop during pregnancy, Shiatsu is a treatment which may assist you to cope with and find relief from presenting symptoms.

Pregnant Woman by Birch
Expecting Couple
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As well as making pregnancy more comfortable Shiatsu can be a great tool to prepare you and your body for birth. Later on in the your pregnancy sessions can also be tailored towards optimising your birth plan options.  

There are certain meridians in the body which become more

'active' during pregnancy and especially into the birthing process which can be sedated and others that benefit from being nourished.  Shiatsu is one way in which you can assess these constitutional needs and provide treatment for the symptoms they present.

Symptoms can include and are not limited to:


Discomfort or pain in shoulders, neck, hips back, head, ribs, pelvic girdle, groin, pelvic instability.

Swelling, mood swings, irregular blood sugar levels,  incontinence, anxiety, changes to your sleep pattern and/or energy levels, heart- burn or acid reflux and discomfort or irregularity to your digestive process.

Pre-natal shiatsu workshops for individual couples:

We can even work together with you and your birthing partner to enable them to support you leading up to and throughout labour.  This is done in a relaxed workshop like session with you and your partner, we can look at which movements and exercises work the best for you as a couple to help the mother to have the most relaxed and integrated birthing experience possible.  ​

Reccommended: To really make the most from this opportunity it is reccommended that the lady preparing for birth have a 1-1 session with Louise first.


Pre-existing medical conditions:

As your pregnancy progresses you may become 

concerned about, or more aware of a pre-existing medical condition. You may experience the symptoms more intensely or you may want to give your body extra support in preparing for birth.  This is definitely something you can talk to your shiatsu practitioner about, together you will be able to work out a plan.

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