" In the midst of some very dark days when I was unconsciously becoming my diagnosis (Stenosis of the lumbar spine). 

When days and nights of continuous pain and almost no sleep had left me feeling old and doomed. 

I came to Lu hoping perhaps she could help. It was so different from physio. Each session found me drifting away on a kind of internal flow and snoring by the end. 

Things changed, something in me shifted, it wasn’t just that I improved physically. Gradually I pulled myself out of the hole of the diagnosis and came back to being me. 

I didn’t say thank you then but now I really want you to know how much it meant to me to escape from that downward spiral. Thank you"  I L,  PLAY WORKER & RETIRED YOUTH SERVICES MANAGER 


" I've never had a Shiatsu massage before, but after accumulating various aches and crinkles in my back, neck, and one of my arms I thought I'd follow a recommendation to try out Lu's practise.

I was made to feel at ease and comfortable, received a fairly detailed assessment before treatment commenced, and Lu responded to all my directions and promptly found all the niggles that had been causing me discomfort.

The treatment didn't end abruptly, I was slowly and gently brought out of the warm head space that Lu had created.

Afterwards I received feedback about my general health and well-being that highlighted a few issues I'd been ignoring.

Walking about later I felt an improvement, but still felt a little bit sore and uncomfortable. Lu informed me It would take a little while for things to "move about a bit" and I have to confess that I was a bit sceptical that I'd notice much more of an improvement...however, by the following evening when I was out dancing and on my feet for several hours (including outside in the cold when my back often plays up) I was very happy to notice that the aches and pains had disappeared and I felt no tension at all, where it had been before

I'd highly recommend, and will definitely seek her services again! "


" I came to Louise for Shiatsu sessions while suffering from Chronic fatigue Syndrome and depression.  Louise is truly a wonderful practitioner and very kind person.  Before the first treatment Louise asked me many questions to get a full picture of my issues and carefully explained how the Shiatsu would work.  During the massages I felt extremely calm and relaxed.  After each treatment Louise described what she had learned about me.  I am still amazed at the deep insights Louise gave me and continue to benefit from her wisdom.  I would highly recommend a treatment from her!"


 " I decided to seek out a local shiatsu practitioner in May this year following a particularly long and gruesome PTSD/ anxiety/ depressive episode after some years of intensive stress and health crisis. I'm so very glad I found Louise. Detailed, meticulous, sensitive, warm, intuitive, wise, kind and very gifted. She's what I'd call a healer's healer.  Louise has steadily supported me to arrive back into my body and safely bring it and me back into balance. The sessions have been deeply relaxing and effects profound and long lasting. In just a few short months, I feel like a new me, a very happy and healthy, and much more balanced one too. I'm deeply grateful, and highly recommend Louise as an excellent healing shiatsu practitioner. " 




" I have had the pleasure of discovering Louise and her excellent treatment. I left the sessions instantaneously relaxed, and I find my body and my mind working more harmoniously. Louise takes the time to thoroughly assess any symptoms or external factors that may be affecting my internal health and plans the sessions accordingly. I am astonished by the treatment and the results!"  KK, OM HOUSE ACUPUNCTURE

"Louise is a highly experienced and naturally talented practitioner. I took a long series of treatments with her and found that my health and overall physical mental and spiritual wellness has improved drastically over this time.  Her treatments are highly effective at removing the cause of any blocks held in the body, and instead allow the natural flow of vital energy back in.

I had serious neck and shoulder issues which have been resolved, as well as this my becoming much less emotional and more grounded and powerful in my life is much thanks to her.  This shiatsu therapy is really effective for any type of ailment you are dealing with. A truely profound and relaxing experience. "  KMM, YOGA TEACHER

"I define “Shiatsu with Louise” as a life and wellbeing changing experience. She is a great professional, with a gift in my opinion, that makes the whole shiatsu treatment being the best thing I have ever tried. Helps me mentally, physically and emotionally; all in one priceless session that benefit myself at different levels. I have been attending Louise sessions for several years now, with different frequencies; and even I am not able to understand everything around it, I can assure you that the sensation and result after the treatment will speak by itself. For me it has been an invaluable remedy, and I recommend her without reservations. "                       MG, TELECOMS ENGINEER